When it is time for some well-earned rest and relaxation, the essence of Zen will help you to unwind and create some mental stillness and quiet. Experience top to toe tranquillity with Lavender, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang, lovingly enveloped in the undertones of Vanilla and Geranium.



Is a more concentrated version of the body oil so that you can inhale on the go. The essence of Zen will help you to relax during stressful times of the day – allow the fragrances from Oils of Lavender, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Geranium and Vanilla work their magic and help you unwind.
The Roller wand is a pocket/purse sized piece of magic you can carry with you wherever you may be….

We have created this little genius for you to carry and apply to your pulse points whenever you need that little essential support from the time you awake to the time you step back into bed – a pulse point ‘pick me up’ anytime, anywhere! Roll onto the wrists, the temples of the forehead, or slide the wand beneath your nose to inhale the beautiful aroma. The tiny cilia to the back of your nasal passage will connect with the fragrance and relate messages to your brain to uplift, calm or soothe the body and mind – depending on your fragrance selection! Aroma is a ‘therapy’, and research has proven that it influences the body just like a catalyst to change, improve and enhance well-being !


In recent years, bath and shower oils have increased in popularity although they are actually part of the ancient art of Ayurvedic wellness. These relaxing, warming, skin conditioning base oils have a cleansing capacity using the ancient ritual of oiling the body before, or during bathing, additionally this oil doubles as a hair conditioning treatment, and if used frequently, is known to prevent hair loss, and even stimulate new hair growth! 
Add a capful to a warm bath for a reviving, replenishing soak, or ideally massage into the torso before bathing or entering the shower.
Cup your hands over your nose to inhale the fragrant molecules.
Allumi Organic Bath/Shower Oil is available in Energize, Zen and Purity Collections

Organic Hair Conditioning Oil If used frequently, this Bath/Shower Oil is said to prevent hair loss and even stimulate hair growth. Castor Oil has gained popularity in the world of natural beauty – proponents suggest that the use of this oil can dramatically increase the rate of hair growth.  Some even claim that monthly application of Castor Oil is said to boost hair growth by up to 5 times the usual rate!  The Oil of Jojoba will moisturise the scalp and maybe a dandruff remedy.  This oil is rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish the hair, including Vitamin C, B Vitamins, Vitamin E, Copper and Zinc.  Because it strengthens the hair, it is also thought that the oil could prevent hair loss and promote thickening of your hair!

To use Allumi Organics as a Hair Conditioning Oil

  • Wash your hands first
  • Apply a capful to the palms of your hands.
  • Massage into scalp.
  • Leave on for a couple of hours or even overnight wearing a protective cap.
  • Apply shampoo to emulsify the oil and massage for a few minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Repeat the shampooing process and condition as usual. For best results repeat the above 2-3 times per week and note the change in the condition of your hair.


This hand blended body oil is a fusion of meditative fragrance to soothe and seduce your body and mind into a complete safe haven of ‘ZEN’ and experience ‘top to toe’ peace and tranquillity with our nourishing Zen Ritual Body Oil.

This blend of fragrant flowers meets with woodland barks from ancient lands, combined with aromatic herbs work in unison to help take away anxiety and the stresses of the day.

As you apply and merge with this oil, connect with a moment of silence creating your own moment of meditaion and sacred ritual.

Suzi Orr

My Purity diffuser is amazing, every time I walk in the house I love the stunning fragrance. These are beautiful products, all packaged with care. Great gift ideas, and Allyson Houghton could not be more helpful. I’ll be back for more soon!💐😍

Laura Walkden

Absolutely love my wax melts I’ve only had it on for 30 minutes and it’s already filled the house with gorgeous scents! I chose energise can’t wait to get zen xx

Lynsey Turley

Received my second lot of fragrances today so now my house smells amazing again !! the last purchase has only just stopped giving off scent which was a reed diffuser bought on Mother’s Day 2017!! Fantastic customer service too!! Can’t wait to smell the Christmas fragrance.

Harpreet Kang

Beautiful fragrance absolutely amazing, wrapped wonderfully and a very good customer service 👍😊

Julie Lucas

Well, I put my 1st order in last night and as I live locally it was hand delivered today, excellent service. I love my Buddha and the melts are gorgeous, my car has never smelt so lovely and the room spray again gorgeous. Thank you so much xx

Nissa Smyth

Love all the fragrances in the range particularly Zen. Also love how they are all natural and don’t pollute the lovely air we breathe! Would definitely recommend x

Mala Nucibella

Anyone who knows me knows I love candles and fragrances. Stumbling on this beautifully created brand has been a real education on how to choose a candle. Allyson at Allumi has gone to great lengths to produce products with meaning, products of an exceptional quality and products that take you on an actual journey. The Allumi Experience from start to finish is one that will “light up” your life.


I love purity…got one in my hall and a new one in my lounge. Just put zen in my en-suite so it’s aroma drifts into our bedroom. They’re all simply gorgeous 💕

Lynn Meadowcroft

Just used the beautiful Allumi Energize Organic bath/shower oil and the Energize Organic Body Oil…..received them beautifully packaged…and simple instructions on how to use were enclosed…. The smell is Divine….I placed a small amount into the cup of my hands and closed my eyes, and breathed in the amazing fragrances….. The products are Divine and you can tell they are made with so much love… My skin feels so soft and moisturised after only being used once… I have fallen in love….

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