Step into September

As we look around our beautiful gardens, or catch a glimpse of the Autumn leaves swirling around the country lanes and pavements of our streets, one thing is for sure we realize that as the trees change the colour of their leaves, and shed their coats, it’s a sure reminder that cosy nights in take over from summer barbeques and garden parties!




Wrap up warm, and on a crisp Autumn day collect branches of Autumn foliage, pine cones, and bark, and have a creative day using what you have collected to adorn your fireplace, make a wreath for your door, or a centrepiece for your island or table – add candles or dried flowers and fruits – if you’re not that creative, there are many helpful free websites, or simply trim your foliage, place in your favourite vase, add a few fresh or faux flowers. Once it has dried, you start to spray the foliage in gold or silver ready for Christmas arrangements!


Cool and contemporary white walls are great during the warm summer months, but you might want to add a little warmth with colour to be ready for your cosy Winter nights in! You don’t have to spend a fortune or make drastic big changes to bring a little Autumn Glow into your space. Consider highlighting one wall as a feature wall using an Autumn shade – you can choose from the array of Yellow Ochres, earthy Browns to Rich Teals and Regal Reds. If you have a particular shade i.e. a cushion or throw you would like to match to, many DIY stores can match and mix the for you. Just remember to be careful when using a protruding wall such as a fireplace wall as your feature wall, as the contrasting colour will advance the wall and make it appear to be nearer into the room … in this scenario you would be better to paint the adjacent alcoves, and let the fireplace rule it’s space!


Get ready for cosy nights in… Add textures in your space – a throw to contrast with your sofa or favourite chair will add décor and a cosy feeling and of course can be used when snuggling up on Autumn evenings…. These don’t have to be expensive, you can purchase these in many bargain stores and some have matching cushions too ! The faux fur ones work really great in Winter months , try throws to adorn your bed too a little extra texture and colour will brighten both your space and mood…


Add a few strings of battery Fairy Lights to your fireplace, or mingle them in with the foliage I mentioned earlier….. the warm white ones give a lovely warm glowing light…. Place a string of battery Fairy Lights in a clear tall vase with your foliage or perhaps a few long feathers or faux flowers to make a lovely twinkly decoration – the vase can be as large as you like – just remember the large the vase the more space you have to fill…. Battery lights are safe to use and don’t use your electricity either !
Add candlelight to your space….. The mesmerising quality of their flickering light is so relaxing, and candles are scientifically proven to sooth us…. There’s no light like candlelight to add ambience and transform your mood .…. Obviously consider the safety element here, especially around small children and your pets…. And ALWAYS select natural Soy wax candles being a renewable source made from the oil of soybeans so it’s vegetable wax… take a look at the Allumi Collection – pure Soy Wax containing Essential Oils to uplift and promote positive mental health and well-being.. Avoid petroleum wax candles, these release toluene and benzene when you burn them – unhealthy carcinogens – please read the labels or ask before purchasing!


Look out into your garden – is your BBQ, summer loungers and garden furniture still there that you keep meaning to cover and protect, or move into storage ? Do it now before the cold air gets too attached, otherwise when you want to use it next summer, it might need painting or be too weathered when you want to use it again ! Think ahead and save yourself some time and money.


Take a little time to go through your wardrobe – remove all your summer clothes, shoes and accessories you know you won’t need during cosy Autumn and Winter months and give yourself some space. As a helpful guide, to be honest, anything I haven’t worn for the past 2 same seasons I pack up and donate to the local charity shop – it’s hidden treasure for someone and you get the feel good factor because you are helping the charity at the same time too….. Give the interior of your wardrobes a little clean, you can make your own drawer liners by using old rolls of wallpaper or pick up a clearance design roll at a DIY shop and spray with an Allumi Room Mist to give the liner fragrance before lining the drawer!

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Step into September

Autumn leaves swirling around the country lanes and pavements of our streets, one thing is for sure we realize that as the trees change the colour of their leaves, and shed their coats, it’s a sure reminder that cosy nights in take over from summer barbeques and garden parties!

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