Organic soothing sleep balm

Organic soothing sleep balm



Allumi Organics is a natural extension to our exclusive Allumi Home Fragrance Collection creating your bespoke ‘wellness’ Spa Ritual in the sanctuary of your own home. This sublime sleep balm is a gift from Mother Nature, containing some oils prized by ancient civilisations. Our delicate soothing sleep balm has been hand crafted with Allumi love to help release any anxiety and stresses of the day. As the aromatic oils work in unison, so may the calming effects aid a restful sleep.
100% Natural with Organic ingredients.

Application for safe use
For best results, apply your Allumi soothing sleep aid before bedtime.
With clean hands, massage into the soles of the feet or apply to the chest. Relax, and enjoy the calming effect of this Allumi Organics sleep balm – gentle, safe and subtly soothing.

Safety- contains Essential Oils – always test for allergies before use. If taking medication, or pregnant always check with your health care provider before use. Remove prior to sun exposure, avoid exposure to UV light after application.

Cocos nucifera, cera alba, simmondsia chinensis.
Lavendula officinalis, origanum marjorana, and Cananga oderata, linalool.


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