Allumi Divine Hand Cream

Allumi Divine Hand Cream



Your hands need just as much pampering as your face and body, especially as they are the first to show signs of ageing and Sun damage, so we need to give them the love and protection they deserve.

Allumi Dvine Hand Cream has been lovingly created, hand blended using the finest quality Eco Certified ingredients especially for you.  It is 100% natural, Vegan Friendly  – enriched with some organic ingredients including Calendula known for its anti-imflamatory and healing properties especially for conditions such as Eczema.   The handy container fits easily into your bag or pocket, and you only need to apply a tiny amount daily to soften, condition and nourish your tired, working hands.

When I founded Allumi over 2 years ago, I vowed a promise that with every Allumi purchase made, some profit would be said from each sale to share a little act of kindness to others during their hours of darkness and need. Each time an Allumi Hand Cream is purchase,  ‘Allumi Giving’ Charity will donate a hand cream to our valued NHS  – so this  ‘Buy One and Donate One’  scheme supports our NHS too!

We have already donated 100 of these Allumi Hand Creams to our NHS and the feedback regarding it’s effectiveness has been amazing.


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