Massage – Professional Moves

 It’s time to show your loved one how much you really care, or if you are alone this Valentine’s Day, love yourself and self-massage! Massage is extremely relaxing and beneficial to the body and mind. It improves circulation, general skin tone and texture.

Set the scene this Valentine’s Day and fill your space with the essence of romance, love and light with our fragrance of Purity. Purity contains exotic Indian Jasmine flowers to pierce even the hardest heart, and Italian Lime to cleanse the energy and create a blissful uplifting environment. Let your space be filled with love and the essence of romance – oozing with aromatic aphrodisiacs , floral based notes and fruity top notes. Purity body oil is perfect for massage so here’s your step by step guide to some professional moves;

Always set the scene – a warm comfortable environment, fluffy towels , relaxing background music, light your Allumi candle, and dim the lights ! You want to create a relaxing home spa ambience….

 1  Always begin by cleansing your hands first.

2  Warm the Purity Oil by massaging in your own hands.

3  Smooth the oil onto the area to be massaged with long smooth strokes using the flat palm of your hand.

4  The pressure of the stroke should always be in an upward direction, releasing pressure as you slide down to perform the stroke again.

5  To knead the muscles use your fingers and thumbs in a rhythmical fashion to relieve tension and tightness.

6  For deeper pressure, use your thumbs in deep circular fiction movements working up and across the muscle.

7  Massage is something to enjoy, so if it feels uncomfortable or painful, stop immediately – don’t do it!

8 Always seek your doctors advice if you have any medical condition before massaging.


After receiving any massage, you should relax, rest and drink water as massage can release toxins from stressed out muscles and drinking water can help flush them away.

Never massage over any recent injury or areas where there is swelling, or over lumps and bumps due to medical causes or injury. Always work gently around boney areas.

If you are alone this Valentine’s Day, then love yourself and perform a self-massage.  Smother yourself in our Allumi Oil and lovingly massage the oil, smothering and smoothing the oil to  your body is a beautiful affirmation of self-care and mental well-being.                     

With love and blessings

Ally and Allumi Team…xxxx

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Massage – Professional Moves

It’s time to show your loved one how much you really care, or if you are alone this Valentine’s Day, love yourself and self-massage! Massage is extremely relaxing and beneficial to the body and mind. It improves circulation, general skin tone and texture.

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