July Blog – Ally and the light of her life

‘We Made The News’

Sharing a lovely Newspaper article written by very talented Journalist and Author Angela Kelly … here at Allumi we are thrilled as this appeared in both The Bolton Evening News and Lancashire Telegraph…..
Thank you to everyone who has supported, and continues to support me on my journey…
with love and thanks Ally xx

During these unprecedented times we are all aiming to adapt and while we do, we are all levelling for calmer and peaceful times as we try to acclimatise to the ‘new’ norm. One person who can help you to do just that is Bolton interior designer Ally Houghton who has launched her own brand of candles, melts, diffusers, and wellbeing products. Ally has also forged a successful partnership with one of Lancashire’s largest garden centres. ‘Bents’. Her brand aptly named ‘Allumi’ is an amalgamation of her name ‘Ally’ and ‘lumi’ meaning light.

In 2018 Allumi was first established as an extension of the creator’s work with her successful company ‘Ideas Interiors’. Now, the collection of fragrances – Purity, Energize and Zen – are proving to be a popular choice at Bents Garden Centre, in Glazebury.

Allyson was originally asked to exhibit her goods at the renowned garden centre when one of the store’s buyers was in the home of Ally’s customer and mentioned the glorious smell from the fragrance deposited there. The buyer loved it instantly and immediately wanted to position the Allumi collection in their prestigious store and then proceeded to contact Ally. Ally was delighted, and it was an absolute dream come true.

The fragrances are currently on display in the garden centre and have become a firm favourite at Bents. We all know lockdown has been a difficult time for everyone, consequently Ally’s online busy has escalated and has kept her busy and on her toes during the many days we have all had to succumb to by self-isolating and social distancing.

The hand-produced range is unique and differs from others because it uses only soy wax made from soybean oil and therefore is not subject to animal testing. Ally has also recently launched her own successful Allumi organic home spa collection of similarly pure quality. The collection comprises of organic creams, lotions and oils that are also alcohol-free, biodegradable, and free from pesticides and herbicides.

At the beginning Ally wanted Allumi, to be a natural collection throughout and that could be used safely at home by anyone with allergies and around children and pets. Ally has now gone on to extend the collection, but she is continuing to add new ideas into collections on a regular basis. Ally is a great advocate of recycling and she is takes pride in that the majority of everything within the Allumi collections is British made.

Ally and Allumi also have a philanthropic approach to the business and she displays a strong sense of community. She is also a great believer in sharing the profits from her Allumi business, through her Allumi Giving Charity. Paying forward, all year round. Ally wants people to know that when they purchase products from Allumi together they are sharing of acts of kindness and donating to good causes too.

The latest acts of kindness include donating hand-creams to NHS front-line workers, helping cancer sufferers by donating Allumi products and
by donating a Karaoke Machine to a local Alzheimer’s unit, as the residents love to sing. View our page on Allumi Giving Charity by clicking on the link here https://allumi.co.uk/allumi-giving/

For further information about Allumi and the fragrances collection and to obtain a FREE fragrance test strip pack please contact Ally via email at hello@allumi.co.uk or view the website at https://allumi.co.uk/

‘Scent with Love’

Ally and Allumi Team…xxxx

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July Blog – Ally and the light of her life

Sharing a lovely Newspaper article written by very talented Journalist and Author Angela Kelly … here at Allumi we are thrilled as this appeared in both The Bolton Evening News and Lancashire Telegraph…..
Thank you to everyone who has supported, and continues to support me on my journey…
with love and thanks Ally x

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